Zanzibar Institute of Public Administration Student Organization (ZIPASO) was established with the main focus of assisting Zanzibar Institute of Public Administration Students and other communities to fight their rights through educational advancement, and improving their standard of educational environment at the time.

With this focus being a developmental strategy, we are sure social and educational advancements to the Zanzibar Institute of Public Administration Students will be achieved as stated in National Development Policies and Guidelines. In the other hand ZIPASO aims to start its operations within ZANZIBAR as a starting point.

ZIPASO Government.

the Government of the Zanzibar Institute of Public Administration of Students Organization which have authority over all matters concerning ZIPASO in accordance with the provisions of Constitution.

ZIPASO Government is composed of the following members:-

  • 1. President,
  • 2. Vice President,
  • 3. Prime Minister,
  • 4. Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

Functions of the Organization.

Subject to other provisions of Constitution, and in pursuit of the Objectives as provided under article 11 of ZIPASO Constitution; ZIPASO shall have the following functions:-
  1. 1. To perform duties and exercise all powers vested in or conferred on the students’ organization by or under any provision of the Act as amended from time to time.
  2. 2. To connect all students of the Institute into one union regardless of the place of the origin, age, sex, color or creed to eradicate tribalism, racism, nepotism and neo imperialism.
  3. 3. To undertake any other activities or function in conformity with ZIPASO objectives such as initiating peaceful actions.

Objectives of the Organization.

ZIPASO as a Non-Governmental Organization shall have the followings objectives:
  1. 1. To protect students’ academic interests in all aspects of their lives during their tenure of students at the University according to the law.
  2. 2. To promote research, training or professionalism on the desire for knowledge in accordance with prevailing of the land.
  3. 3. To protect love and respect for learning, the pursuit of truth and to ensure that every student understands his or her responsibility on educating himself or herself to the best of his or her capability and to such knowledge for the betterment of humankind and promote academic freedom as an inalienable rights of the students at the University.
  4. 4. To facilitate cooperation between the ZIPASO and other students organizations existing in Tanzania or elsewhere which have the similar objectives as those of ZIPASO.
  5. 5. To promote all desirable aspects of cultural development which inculcate sports and art for the purpose of making the University as a fertile ground for the development of talents.

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