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The Library is the heart of Institute of Public Administration and it is an integral part of the Institute mission which revolves around teaching, research and consultancy. It is also a legal depository for materials on Tanzania, including government publications, University publications and UN and allied agencies publications. The library maintains five major collections: Arts and Social Sciences, Law and Science, Reference and Document Delivery and East African which is a research collection. There is also ICT unit which provides technical and managerial support to realize excellence in teaching, learning and research.

The library provides access to both print and electronic information resources including number of print and electronic journals and books. It maintains a collection of more than 100,000 titles and a number of electronic journal databases.

The library also provides information services to library users within The Institute. Other services provided by the library include research, publication and consultancy, information literacy and computer training for library users.


i) All users must observe total silence in the library and its      environs during working hours.
ii) All bags, cases, folders etc. must be left in the luggage   area located inside  the library.
iii) All users are required to show their college IDs to the library assistant before using the library.
iv) Users should stay in the library in a good order, placing of foot on the furniture, eating, drinking, smoking or sleeping in the library are not allowed.
v) Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library except for academic purposes.
vi) If you are not understand how to find a book you need,or you got any problem concerning the library service, please ask the librarian incharge,he/she can assist you.

vii) Group discussions are not allowed in the library,but in an unavoided circumstances noice must be kept to a minimum and should not disturb any other user in the library
viii) Users are not allowed to reshelf books after removing   them from the shelf. Users should leave the books on the table after using.
       ix)The library shall not take any responsibility for a loss of
         personal property or books already signed out to a user.


 Any college student who wish to borrow a book from a   library can do so under the following conditions:

  • Student must fill in a special “STUDENT MEMBERSHIP FORM
  • Student will be given two “Borrowing Cards” which should be presented at the library  during any borrowing period.
  • Borrowing time is between 9:00am and 2:30pm on weekdays and 9:00am and 12:00pm on Saturdays
  • Student must present his/her college “ID together with Student  Borrowing Card” during borrowing process.
  • tudent is allowed to borrow one or two books at a time.>
  • Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of others or transfer borrowed materials to other students.
  • Student can stay with borrowed material not more than five working days.
  • All borrowed materials must be returned on or before the right date shown in the borrowed books
  • Students with overdue materials will be obliged to fines.


  • Reference books                                
  • Newspapers
  • Journals and magazines

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