About IPA

Core Functions

According to the Act, the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is supposed to perform the following functions to achieve the stated mission and vision.

  • To plan, organize, conduct and assess a wide range of practical and relevant training programmes to meet the needs of public and private sectors in the country.
  • To undertake relevant research and consultancies on issues and problems of management and administration and to act as a Institute of Public Administration for collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information on public administration.
  • To attract, develop and retain a high quality of staff to act as professional trainers and advisers.
  • To maintain closer work relationship with public and private sectors and allied educational and training institutes, including various professional bodies within and outside Tanzania.
  • To be involved in any other activities that may contribute towards better development of human resource and increase productivity in the economy as directed from time to time by the policies of the country.
  • To award certificates or any other awards to the trainees who completed a course of study and passed examinations conducted by the Institute or to any person to who on the opinion of the Council deserves to be awarded with certificate for his due contribution to the society.
  • To establish and provide an effective management for the business and commercial activities and resources of the Institute.

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